Natural Born Humans Store


Giacomo Cerbai and Lilit Boninsegni

Giacomo and Lilit are partners both in their life and their work. Both are born in Tuscany, Italy, and have an international experience. They have in common a similar attitude towards fashion, in terms of inspiration and style: avant-garde, unconventional and unique fashion identity. Giacomo and Lilit have a strong experience in fashion, both in creation, distribution and communication.

Natural Born Humans

Natural Born Humans Store name, was inspired to the movie Natural Born Killers: to be human is a crazy attitude today. is therefore an online shopping platform, dedicated to those who do not want to be the same as others, and is  in the search for authentic styles, inspired by a concept of life, a passion for clothing. is dedicated to those who are looking for different garments, with a story to tell, and a defined character. For this reason Natural Born Humans Store - is proposed as a digital store, but with a warm human face. Our face!